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NVS Brokerage Platforms

NVS Brokerage brings you an extensive range of modern and intuitive products and features that are designed to streamline your trading and investing process. A platform that supports your financial goals, DP TradeKING has varied products that suit all your needs. Whether you like trading at your desk or on the move, we have got you covered with our latest technologies which are developed to provide you with a smooth experience on any device.

Trading Platform - NVS Touch

App based Multi Segment Trading Platform with Market Depth

A smart platform that allows you to trade from your Android and iOS devices at anytime, anywhere, and without any problems. DP TRADE Touch is a simple but effective integrated solution for mobile traders from NVS Brokerage. It's for individual clients to trade on several exchanges in multiple sectors. Our trading platform, which is fully integrated with eIPO and allows single sign-on to the back office reports includes a real-time dashboard, index-based and user-defined multiple Price views, live market scanners, and other advanced features.

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Checkout for NVS - Touch features below

View for Top Gainer/ Looser/ Value & 52W High & Low

Access to Multiple Segments at Single Sign In

Fastest Refreshment Rate to Order punching and Trade

Direct Navigation to Price View

Integrated 24x7 Backoffice Reports

Apply IPO Online using UPI

Trading Platform - NVS Pro

EXE based Multi Segment Trading Platform with State of Art Charting tools, Reminders etc.

NVS PRO by NVS Brokerage is the best suitable trading platforms for traders and investors as well. Our platform for trading and investing is not just order execution platform but it gives leverage to become professional traders with full-fledged tools. It gives you the power to execute orders in real-time, manage user portfolios, stream live market data with multiple tools and features like charting, radar, smart view, options spread and option payoff etc.

Checkout for NVS - Pro features below

Multi Segment Access

Get multi segment access to trading platform.


Different Products like CNC (Delivery Buy/Sell), Normal, & Intraday trades.


Real-time price scanner. Intuitive and easy to use with inbuild scan conditions.


State of the art technology for charting. It has historical and intraday chart with time frame.

Option Payoff Chart

Analyse option position or can simulate proposed position before trade.

Option Portfolio

Real time option hedging module

Smart View

Programmable price view to program each and every column and perform mathematical calculation.

Option Spread

Easy available global opton strategies like straddle, butterfly etc.

Online Mutual Fund Platform - WealthEVATOR Touch

Invest, Earn and Elevate. App for ease of transactions and track investments in Mutual Funds.

Offers mutual fund investment account with paperless onboarding, Mutual Fund Portfolio Tracker and Invest with purpose. WealthEVATOR by NVS Brokerage lets you transact online, import mutual fund investments from different brokers, monitor and manage familys mutual fund investments effortlessly. WealthEVATOR also offers all relevant information about the schemes so as to make the right decision about the best mutual fund investment option based on your goals and risk capacity in a few simple steps. Learn More->

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Checkout for WealthEVATOR - Touch features below

Client Onboarding

  • Sign up in minutes, one-time KYC process within the app.
  • Verify your KYC/Video KYC available.
  • Buy and sell mutual funds, or start SIP with few taps
  • Start SIP or invest one time (Lumpsum).
  • View Fact sheet of all Schemes.

Mutual Fund Portfolio Tracker

  • Dashboard to track all your overall investments snapshot
  • Track your existing investments.
  • Track your annualized returns and total returns
  • Check details of holdings and mutual funds
  • Track your Family‚Äôs Investment.
  • Transaction details and order history.

Invest with a purpose

  • Define Goals in line with your Life Plan
  • Track when the Goal will be met
  • Invest to cover Shortfall in all Goals

Online Mutual Fund Platform - WealthEVATOR Web Login

Browser based Mutual Fund Investment Platform with multiple tools.

Be aware about your mutual fund investment with 24x7 web portal for investment done through WealthEVATOR (Powered by DP TradeKING). WealthEVATOR Web is designed & developed with the core mission of providing you with a gratifying experience when it comes to accounting and mutual fund investment related activities. It presents all the information you may need in a straightforward and easy to read format. Learn More->

Checkout for WealthEVATOR Web features below

Portfolio with XIRR

Summary of realized and unrealized gains since inception or for a given period of time.

Comprehensive Portfolio

Customize a comprehensive portfolio report with sections as require.

Portfolio Screener

View your current portfolio and filter by various parameters to extract insights.

All transaction types

Purchase, SIP, Switch, Redemption.

Portfolio Valuation

Summary of CAGR on current investments with allocations by various fund, category, holding, sectors.

Capital Gain Summary Report

A quick snapshot of the taxable capital gain in Mutual funds and Shares portfolio.

Capital Gain Detailed Report

A comprehensive breakdown of the Taxable capital gain for each sell transaction done in a FY.

Redemptions Simulation

If you had not sold your investments, what would be the value today.

e-IPO Platform

Invest in Primary market though e-IPO. ASBA and UPI Both available for all investors

If you wait too long for an IPO, it will pass you by. Don't let this opportunity pass you by! Use NVS Brokerage's e-IPO to apply online and invest in firms that are about to be listed on exchanges using your UPI, which is safe and secure. e-IPO wants to simplify processes and integrate them all under one roof, including features such as share buyback and delisting. With an easy-to-use web interface, you can streamline your IPO bidding.

Checkout for e-IPO Platform features below


Forget all the hassles and the complications to apply for an IPO. Place your bid in a few clicks with e-IPO.


NVS Brokerage provides a safe and secure platform for retail investments up to Rs 2,00,000 through its e-IPO platform.


All you need is a verified UPI ID to get started on your IPO journey with e-IPO.

ASBA Form Print

e-IPO Platform also provide option to get pre-printed form from system to sign and submit in your bank.

Client Backoffice - Web Login

Browser based Client back office Platform to view and download trading and depository related reports.